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Helpful Self-Storage Tips & Tricks

At Midland Storage our goal is to help customers get the most value from their storage experience. Over the years we’ve seen many different situations and reasons for needing to store items which has given us some great insight to pass along if you’ve never rented a storage unit.

Tacoma, WA storage tips from Midland Self Storage

Plan for a Bumpy Ride

  • When wrapping delicate items, tape them after wrapping to avoid smaller items getting mistaken for loose paper when unpacking. Use foam wrap or clean packing paper to wrap breakables. Group similar items together and label the boxes accordingly to make them easier to identify.
  • Store clothing and seasonal wear on hangers in a wardrobe box, to retain their original shapes. Use the empty bottom section of the box to store shoes.
  • To prevent your furniture from getting scratched use moving pads, sheets, or light blankets along with stretch wrap to keep everything together.
  • Make note of items you may need access to while in storage and keep them toward the front to avoid having to remove too many boxes from your storage space to get to them.

Arranging Items in Your Storage Space

  • Make use of all the space in your storage unit. Creating a plan as to how you are going to arrange your items in storage will save you from a lot of hassle later. Leave an aisle in the center of your unit so that you have a walk way to the back should you need something unexpectedly.
  • Freestanding Shelves Go a Long Way
  • Label the boxes on all six sides and keep a list for easy reference. This will save you time if you have to look for something in particular. When packing boxes fill them without making them too heavy to lift. Always put the heavier boxes on the bottom and the lighter ones on top of the heavier ones. This will prevent boxes from being crushed. Keep boxes off the floor.
  • Be sure to store frequently used items at the front of the unit to avoid having to search for them.
  • When you dismantle gadgets, for example, PCs, stereos, things that have various cords, put little colored stickers on the ends and a similar colored sticker where the cord connects. This will spare you the bother of attempting to make sense of what goes where when it comes time to reassemble your hardware.
  • If possible store couches on end. Stack chairs seat to seat with some cushioning in between. Use the inside of dresser drawers to store smaller items. When stacking furniture use paper pads in between the items to avoid scratching.
  • Keep seasonal clothes accessible, you may have your belongings in storage longer than anticipated.

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